"400 Swim is an excellent program that teaches beginner students to swim properly and safely. The low student-teacher ratio of no more than 3:1 allows for detailed instruction. The quality of teaching provided by the instructors is very high. They are experts in their field, and able to convey this knowledge to their students in a highly effective manner. In just 2 sessions, my 4 year old son has gone from a total beginner to jumping off the diving board in the deep end! His confidence in the water has grown exponentially, as have his abilities, due to the program at 400Swim!"
-Lindsay W. (Parent of Student, 2010)

"We have been in 3 other swim classes and 400 Swim is the best :)... Our daughter Annie has completed two sessions with 400 Swim and we couldn't be happier with our experience. Not only are the instructors knowledgeable and attentive, they are also fun and caring. Annie has loved her instructors and has come a long way in her skill level. Erin (the owner) is always available to answer questions and help in any way. We will be enrolling Annie for the next session!"
-Glen V. (Parent of Student, 2010)

"400 Swim has been a fantastic experience for my child. The instruction is professional and still fun. Maya is encouraged and enjoys her time here. Everyone is approachable and willing to help."
-Anonymous (Parent of Student, 2010)

"Our son Brandon really enjoyed the class and greatly imrproved his comfort with water and swimming. The instructor Julie was very good balancing fun and teaching."
-Anonymous (Parent of Student, 2010)

"Our two children enjoyed their time with 400 Swim. Every Saturday the kids looked forward to their time in the pool. The individual attention was a great motivator as there was a low student to teacher ratio. The staff was always pleasant and helpful in all aspects. I would easily recommend the 400 Swim program to others."
-Kevin H. (Parent of Student, 2010)

"We tried a few swim schools and have been very happy at 400 Swim. Facility is good and the instructors are AMAZING!! Both my children have walked away with much more confidence in the water and are stronger swimmers. We'll come back to 400Swim and with smiles."
-Cheryl C. (Parent of Student, 2010)

"Our son began the course afraid to put his head in the water. In a few weeks he was able to dunk his head and swim in the deep end thanks to the patient and experienced instructors at 400 Swim"
-Peggy B. (Parent of Student, 2010)

"My 6 year old daughter took the summer and fall swim programs, although she had a very basic comfort level with swimming, she didn't possess any formal techniques or stamina. Throughout the period of her lessons, I watched her transform into a confident and very capable little swimmer. She learned the front crawl, treading water and swimming on her back. Erin's swim program is both challenging and fun and she really enjoyed learning. At home we refer her as 'The Human Torpedo'. I strongly recommend Erin's swim program to anyone looking to learn to swim."
-Jeff D. (Parent of Student, 2010)

"My daughter's first experience with 400 Swim and it's been a positive one. I've seen her grow more confident and comfortable over the past weeks. I think the small class size and therefore more individual attention has been very benefical. My daughter is very sorry to see this round of classes end and she wishes she could come everyday!"
-Laura H. (Parent of Student, 2010)

"400 Swim provides a great program for swimming in a friendly neighborhood environment. Our son always looks forward on his lessons on Saturday."
-Anthony W.(Parent of Student, 2010)

"We were looking for a swimming class for our 3 year-old son and 6 year-old daughter, we ended up finding the BEST one. The things that differentiate 400 Swim from others are:
- Quality of instructors
- Limited class sizes
- Equal attention
- Location and cleanliness of facility
We found the staff very experienced, well equipped with skills to deal with children. Our kids learned the basic techniques in no time which indicates the high quality teaching. We are fortunate and have no hesitation to recommend 400Swim to anyone."
-Nadeem J. (Parent of Student, 2010)

"The instructors have all been great and very friendly. Our daughter has improved immensely and looks forward to her classes every week."
-Dan and Karen(Parents of Student, 2010)